Gifts That Ignite an Eternal Fire

Finally, there’s a registry with gifts as rare as your imagination. Choose from various fire-roasted premium cuts and unconventional experiences that are too flavorful to be true.

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Pão de

Handpicked in a beautiful bouquet — so tasty the bride won't wanna toss it. (Sorry to those who were looking to catch it!)

Cut the
Steak Cake

Is it steak or is it cake? The only way to really know is to cut into it. Celebrate with a hyper-realistic wedding cake that looks like the couple’s favorite cut of meat.

What’s Lime
is Yours

Couples can keep the flavor flowing all day at their reception when they register for our Caipirinha drink fountain.

Gaucho Wedding

Have an authentic, Brazilian Gaucho officiate the couple’s ceremony. Their words are sure to be as fiery and flavorful as the cuts they prepare.

You Have
My (S)Word

A personalized Churrasco sword with the names of the lovely couple engraved on the blade. It’s the perfect symbol of their love for one another and for Fogo.

Hooked on

Class meets functionality - traditional seafood bibs that serve as wedding attire the couples can wear while indulging in the Seafood Tower.

Food & Wine Packages

Just Wagyu
& Me

Perfectly marbled and tender, Wagyu is the cut for the couple that appreciates the finest quality and flavor. Your wedding night only comes around once…don’t waste it eating anything less.

I Only Have
Ribeyes For You

When It’s Bone-In or nothing at all. Celebrate your union with a distinct flavor unlike any other. The Bone-In Ribeye is aged 21 days, then fire-roasted with rock salt, insulating its moisture - and your love.

Here's to

When you toast to the future, do it with Fraldinha on the table. Perfectly tender and richly marbled, it’s a perfect cut to kick off a lifetime of discoveries and flavor. Pair it with our Eulila vino to seal the deal.

Connected with
Beef Ribs

These are for the truly connected couple who don't mind getting their hands a little messy. Discover the spectacular flavor and seasoned crust of our Costela Beef Ribs.

I Promise
You, Picanha

Take a vow always to share the finest, most flavorful cuts, starting with our Picanha. Our signature steak is lightly seasoned, sliced thin, and fire-roasted to a romantic perfection.

with Wine

Our Founders Trilogy Wine Collection features three bottles of premium South American red vino, perfect for romantic dinners at home after the couple makes it official.